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2015 - Present




Ecstatically participating in the intuitive  bizarreness of the sentences, the text that is forming is at the same time one of unravelling. Typing gibberish while auto-correct tool suggests words, moving words around, beginning with least intervention as the profusion of words was relentless, additional methods later used to generate more words. At some point, the writer’s disposition unwittingly affecting the text, yet not before the very role of writing is disrupted. In the end did not alter any effort for an authentic writing experience, instead overwhelmed by a baffling encounter with the secret dimension of words.



Mirroring, layering, inversing, applying digital effects on photographic images of rusting surfaces, that led to a never ending spawn. An incidental finding that became an intense body of work. The process that constrains the path of a chance move into a crystalline image, at the same time also expands inexorably - in an inexhaustible array of creatures channelling through space and time.



When the art comes from regions beyond

and takes the artist on a journey of revelation

across the openness

where there is no measure 

of the self

time becomes space

infinite and present

Gratitude and wonder fill these days.

An aspect of the universe I became privy to.

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