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A warning from the far side, a prologue set in the times of prehistoric slime, of prime tools that became smallest of weapons, the assault of imperious conventions, unflinching against the mathematical possibility of extinction. The singular trajectory of futile hope curling into nothingness, as the savant sees silent spiritual voyages as bromide for a broken earth. When we contemplate the structures of organic life, the forest of sponges or the invisible expansion of the crystalline order, across the eons and aspects of primordial matter, the mud at all the beginnings, the presentiment surrounding the desecration of nature. in the twilight days of admonitions there emerge inexplicable journeys as homage to the changing ice. the subdivisions of the machines, distributed across corporations in synchronous dexterity, unintelligible and hovering, over indefinite time have become intractable and worse, overarching volition results in extortionate loss of memory of blood and sea. 


The tempest of specular winds, an air portal reverberating and delaying events, the causes and effects processed in a compact pedalling storm, a powerful mixer of all occurrences bouncing off one another in tapping tempo inter-connecting every extension of the original instance, continuously editing into the far reaches and deep trenches.

The tesseract city hidden in the infinite mechanism of the immortal sleeve, an eternal remnant of the past unravelling across the ages to come. the mirrored complexes beholding the meaning of the dust swept through the labyrinth of angled rooms a thousand symmetries within. The kaleidoscopic view a reflection of each and every thought. The architecture of the cave no different than formalised cities. the algorithm of archaic systems of biological origins, patterned on the stones that built the civilisations at the cyclic repeat of time, with sequenced anomalies that eventually created every subjectivity. 


The forest natives of vines and songs, preceding human greed, once lived thriving on the secrets of the fractals in nature, whose meteorite anvil forged the gnarliest tribe of light feet and strong hearts. The way of the longevous ancestors who spoke of the lodestar reflected in the sacred ash of the jungle kurgan, the palindrome rhymes accompanying their ovoid offering to sky and earth. From beyond, lores whispered through the sweeping winds and stirring waters they bind eyes and ears with the all pervading no one.

Extra terrestrial light cleaning the grease, inbound kilos of wagon loot and pages of false truths offshoot stirring story lines, more and yet still, from the huff and huddled newsrooms. The oddity of the opus monk, outdrew popular culture, jutted from obscurity and pitted against bank vehicles, power aegis fogged by the sustained breath. Anti pollution the new unattainable swag, bound to no capital, defying the unidentifiable chemicals wading in danger zone. Prepping for better outcome, everyday purchases laden with prescriptions of life of clicks around the clock, flossing for best service, deluge of preferences smoothly operating on likes, edging on lies. In the midst Guppies happy in the aquarium of the domed sky.


The deceptions of war and mongers rise from opportunistic corners, creating judder even the strong tremble and the wise felt the death of immortals. The anxiety of the hour obliterating the big picture. Please bricklayer play now the counter potshots adjourned for latter days. The last wall shall stand as the hallowed intervention reminding of drowned voices bound in hibernation waiting. Keep hawthorn for knowing useful remedies. Polynomial knowledge of the griots and earnest rites crushed the pugnacious officials whose words flailing rampant reaching objective of subjugation, camaraderie long gone awry. Vilifying diverse practices, the empire swallows small factions by its will to raise a quantity to a power.

Incredible spiralling hives like spellbinding pies, exuberant synaptogenesis could wake up a geriatric squad for lost words of wisdom. Protein in egg whites can power a clean energy future when dwarf planets swing close releasing underground brine that still gushes up. The old gong of a foghorn sprightly arose as does a crown of pearl, the day the cold drawled and the earth fogged over, an old paradigm that saved the last coast. obnoxious rhetoric of doddering knights pitfall for the young, dynamics of intergenerational debt and justice. History a pattern of outshine events and untold narratives, crests and valleys that appear as varying light and dark on glaciers and the bark of a tree. 


The onerous rigs and apparatus colonies slashing away at the chains of empire, Weighed down by an ironclad system reinforced with the tears of those that repeatedly make the same mistakes. The imperial fortress quelled protesters cornered into suspicious truce. The unheard humanistic group sowing confounding variables, damaging simple everyday living. high hopes sold mostly to those waiting for the next time based news. Disclosure of coddling acts going tagging and sharing. Serfs know so but ignorance hurts many others, keep nods inadvertently, some think in opinions, utter prejudice how so hooded knowledge unthinkable by common understanding. The task to circumstance us with thrumming chores intensifies, as defence of the good life becomes just agreed on diminishing such poverty. The hunt goes on as the meeting closes, for unmarked groups at odds with the quality indicators. 

Vacuous lives stoked by woot days of skis appearing skinny. Neurosis of trendy types, worldly despite idiosyncratic edge, skidded on the slope of popularity. Obsolete mug so flummoxed by the range of plastic bottles. Success of tagged lives absolve the wrongs such as addiction amidst a modification of values. The day the big screen fell crushing frail bodies lacking exercise, when the carpet was unrolling and cameras rolling. Deadened habits making lulls jeopardise every new effort. Sodden and stale mornings, exhausted fighter plucked from downhill, knees jiggle vigorously, could not wake dormant dream atop of roofs. Aspirant appears tired of piles of torrential work, disparities of routine and broken barriers, paper thin identity lost in the humdrum, kvetching about recurring tasks, sidled by mistakes listed in alphabetical sections. 


Somehow they always balance the numbers, it is hard to swallow that or to understand the power of zero. Not a master but always a contemporary, yet like prime numbers alone and mighty. In the heap of lingering yesterdays an old pot loves to be rubbed. If the jerboa continues to occupy itself with separating the kernels and pellets, don’t let the hogwash become a distraction. The striated air swirling finds its way to Vincent, the bridge is swaying as Munch scream. The cave is a meditation, in a world before naming, a time far from kinship, kindness so refined, not a shadow of tentativeness. These words spoken unequivocally, changing every moment as the universe does.

Beneath our eyelids the depths of immense black floats the universe in a plankton. A beam of light crosses the scriptorium of resumes and eulogies, celebrate each dust as tau covers the full wiggle of the sky. Identity and memory when graphed doesn’t require always finding the answer. Breatharian in spheric abode below the drenched cliffs, subsonic hum resonate with coruscating plume of irised mist. Awe chill acrobat scaling ogives, body aweigh in phenomenal convergence of angles the rarest of things, trigonometry creating a divide between the fluent and the phobic. The gorging phase can be a confusing whirlwind full of blindly plugging functions to meaning, those raised in scrubbed environments should know. The harsh economics of the ecologist at heart belies the nascent revolution, delivered manifesto meant as metaphor, did soon realise that he has created for himself the role of intepreter and defender. 


I the judicious queen whom quiescent kings appointed after the great fragmentation, of whom ask you to be slightly off middle, honour an original day, don’t diminish difference and betweenness that give better judgement, and find yourself on the side of mythologies.


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