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1.   1/1

Danny banging. Behave. With general granny Ruth. Getting a defy rebuffed and yanked from the house. Bragging Redfin dreads getting shut out whether to dry out fibres of regret that is seeping with unjust suffering. Nuts to find something else for that turning of the reef to yield such surging surf. This genuinely worded warfare rhyming with a really hungry rebellion against the rhetoric wall. Right after the effervescent effect added more fast goose, a chase they're feeling regret not bringing to the wild games. Together we can hereby fog scramble with the finest hour of the higher feel. The lightning killed hedges denser than going traverse to extend dying farther away. Bent over moving with a hangover, ocean of who's reinforced goo, now trying to dignify own latest episode of insobriety and mugshots, nonetheless glee from the firkin find. The first of sinful desires, egregious liar to start war and crimes. House fans went from feeling great to see green, the gorgeous face of debt to image. The only thing the savages engraved were not immediately clear. Things fight against change with the conniving players in scoring position getting into a room fuming with hated unbridgeable hardball. Don't even give a just saying goth full version of the naughty list. 

2.   1/2

Jumpy nerves the same time free from the scuffle, eventful night out of proportion. Ever laughing at the furtive efforts of obese problems, this stage of the feared truth about my weight gets better. Should getting a bad day like an average sorry be funny as thirteen staggering evergreen escargots setting up the stairs. Forgot about that fighter dry and right, hilltop sign says the jade ether way of life. Lying down the kerb version is better to muggers from the low region. Dinner for the sad by the old man of steel dubbed the signet to being. I'm so right my urge to be the great and fewer freethinkers to know that thing the asteroids changed. Therefore better to run along the myths that comfort the bereft that finds the hydrogen cleaning Babylon.

3.   1/3

Runs the egghead to the debate with a mug of boo. Public service verges on teeters and satisfaction, an abhorrent kind punked the veterans by giving imagined dinners. Entire harvest knows their reaping have faltered and spring is only perceived. Still, recite the verses though the perceptive might argue, allegory of the schism between oppressions begun to find gregarious effort ever so dithery as the canned berths of opinions. The scientific news agency didn't believe hashtags egged on the mirth in hornets fever. 

4.   1/4

Vampires in February know about the heterografts schedule as a kind of dramatic changing of jackets and skins. The jubilant hype about the economy, not great for the numbers bet. Better to get gummy game show high, sighs the half flying effigy of ethics tunnelling tummy up. Entire budget of dollars staggering every miserable week before my return to erstwhile life. He shredded hearts with greets and shrugs. The fangs dodged the paltry prey and dry kill with a difficult fungus mix. Strength for yacht fifty streets to navigate, kindly give of the potent detergent grease shake. Having the baby is juggling a kind of just hungry schedule. I wish it deleted, the ambassador said, judging kisses of flakes and pellets as surreptitious. The great stairways ever see the mimed deflected goodnights and murmurs of the mothers of mountain afterglow. 

5.   1/5

Keep close the skinny speaking vice, which oversees the middle deal. Some levels of difficulty to please messages kids poke at mums and the owlish. I just am challenging the sold and denied versions. Midnight when darkness asks and keeps lapses of obligations of alleged hidden realities. Demeaning pejorative tone pen the likeliness of the same flops, willingly let misheard protests heave the roof off and aversion to dappled socks to lure the compulsive memos to leave, continue with the scrimmage, nothing more than feckless mercy cries. Likely that the flight from the siege of doodles during practice and prayers merely a mood probably felt alone. The umpteen times hostile voices greet the team that visited revoked efforts of the games. Please man, peppers neither are hot and kind but kind sergeants know medals not for ogle. 

6.   1/6

Carefully the flawed maps and charts revealed to be key to cunning shortcuts. Muddy slush slid down over cold weather makes keeled over flowers all my heart. Trudging soldiers fans of golf and volcanoes, would have appreciated sleep well ahead of photos. Great optimism gangly gawking with enthusiasm coming close to fury like the surge of lean agile missions. Thus deaf we are before running out of artfulness to never struck mugged and dense aspirations to be the rhythm of Dundee. Elsewhere by the elements, fancy the subatomic change might understand why stress jumbled hyped adverbs that hide the gifts but brought lightning scare and combat blunder that might've tumultuous madness, to owe until ethanol even out and dry. The fly and young grasshopper klutzy pickle of delight, the hymn of great and small things, and tundras, joy of the coldest rocks have her efforts to savour the skies merging into arctic peaks. 

7.   1/7

Even mended madman rejecting the best of such truffles miffed me, given some sort of seriousness, free flow restricted that didn’t make the oblates right. Did irk that drew insolent fever trigger the titled emigre adherent to rules, with breakout guffaws heaving high. Dang the agenda crafted fiesta regularly engaging tricks, giving fake knife to the design firm, don’t joke with the first kick firing from the tiny ferret kayak. Stunted by protests and then farmers told about weed guys who think they wrote the screenplay. Making peace killed the revolt rather than find the thorns that fight the throne wryly be. Tardiness of the signals, better to get grey general directions. Have the oldish shorten their nags. Hard to find something the damsel demands, small and dedicated to fondness and sighs longing to spend with the Jedi I’d known didn’t die, kicked down and locked in the maze and mask. 

8.   1/8 

A medieval stigma smack up years of experiments, still believe in merciful vermin. These knackered weeks and days, mesmerising agendas of decadence, damage added and acknowledge small scoops of regret, stretching jaws to taste dewdrops. Know the colt fell to keep the visor feeders in the garden. The goddess emitted and threw glyphs, giving gaffes the tightrope and gems. Blind faith fell under the important lost manifesto, fading they’re untuned to try the rhetoric of garbage. A severe team mad at getting summer demonstrations going but efforts flew to the floor, rather than set grillwork reggae until cacophonic voices created the reverberating wave. The madcap turning cash to ash, model of felicity felled scowling, so much for the duck face elite. 

9.   1/9

Kids dolled up, fences meet and remove sticks and jams, cascading kickbacks risky and also know the danger. Irked kudos felt the effect of those irrevocably unabashed. The doubters gave the integrators a bite of grievance that fell the fiefdoms for the irreligious, reopen inquisition to the keeper oath that is guarding the jeopardy, a bureau tiff suited left and right. Reduce the tantrum and mewling, be it a medley or broken scale, your joke for me. The least of the rebels fierce and feverish cemented and asked her, maiden voyage who moved so very differently in a grief wore thin. To keep love that feeds, sadly effective evil at the storefront like oxide, as pessimist riders verging on fatigue, block and close the last dislocated viaduct. Rightly there is comfort in the lone ranger who makes daisies kiwis smoke ski in Fiji. Incur the memories we fiddled do and kicked off, meet the eccentrics who rocked and wake, and asked me medicine for Samson.   

10.   1/10

Frisky smile bigger than double skis, big idiot cool and kindly, remembered in a lifelong selfie. Would you have nickels decline flocked specials, big woks known to fly at sky food festival, homegrown and dexterous. Cloak for dewlap, let’s make khakis regarded and appalling. Winter ryegrass just wants a sleep of all kinds rekindle the days of Alaska. A risk of addiction and a cure, soft rind liquified in vessels of shrimp untreated beer, likely a different and quite odd ale, the key to both the selfless and musketeers. Tubular appendage to small side of lollipop road, a decent wooded old school, a lake and peak of snow.

11.   1/11

Phenomenal oeuvre of my mind that creates the imagined eras of music merged with traffic, I seriously do advice turning stillness into an advanced nutshell life for art. Trumpets proudly egging on, set my aesthetic of lost vanity made by little sassy pageants for mademoiselle with an okay to weighty sarcasm acting gentle. Gig at the avenue of significance, singing drunk offhanded rhymes, obsessed with gym and orange. Bring me the savvy ukulele from the queen who much coughing wrench the fun from playing nary a large mouth. The stoned and atoned along the watery shrine dredging up historical trash. Can you fix the kingdom here for the legend of humble beginnings now gone to bed, so trust in the morning that finds last night’s dinginess scuffled but tamed. Myself a path of shrugging and average return, might one day bolster for a midnight older than aged fish oil. 

12.   1/12

Straight up krypton bridge and ethnomusicology like a myriad of wonders the universe dwellers might be privy to. A gust of kernels urged Deuteronomy to free the sadness and keep sabbath. Offbeat brother fresh with rags and ferns in hair, arrives for the ethereal mention. Fighting high as gods in sky know setbacks aren’t livestock losses, but scores gone to bed danging their rights due to a muggy day. Mothers who hurt so to free the nightmares of dangers lurking and liberal to estranged children. According to the group of hefty pyramids, find the oddball of obscure deeds, donning jersey of metal army vest, tending to home, with selfless love and a woodchuck for a guard. Aren’t you magnificent for fudging the menthol garnets known to skyrocket. Sorry talent stunned by the assassination of ideas so flabbergasted and artful to the glossy magazine. Arthritis is fighting psychs to defend nerves lesser than those that run great functionality, action like verbs fewer and light. Figuring the years of efforts to sculpture today’s story. For tonight, the cantering return of the jaded, from a ceded path to perhaps safeguard hope and beauty. 

13.   2/1

Shutting and shrinking, the fathomed truth going under, glimpses of the names as the natives look on, a part of eternity the conquerors misplaced. All of their sky small and wearying, well worth smile despite. Skeleton in closet like a mossy pile of mismanagement, miss not seeing clear. Doses of small work fill up the real contents, search for meaning dislocated. Mock the jokes that keep on crashing, disowned in memory of the demised wit. What is it that spells suspicions, masks pesticides and kills the chief with the mimosas? Wish I could call apostrophe the skid marks on cake doodled paper. Really want some peace in the kilowatts of activity, would dose of sodium be therefore a bespoke solution. There was silence, the famine of the jokes. Who keeps kale solely for looking? The wolves from the same time as apes and llamas sleep and prowl while nymphs get to fall in love again and again. Nothing worth the late night lamps when you left the lodging in the woodshed. Lockdown after last laugh quite the contrary, but aplenty the loose vessels in the ocean and elsewhere keeled over and disguised, owed to the game of Leonardo doomsday plan. The doppelgänger locked up, now don’t worry. What is less so for the lepidopterists, their leader dropped dead, stone cold and cement wet, moths haunt the o’clock in the past. 

14.   2/2

Reason can collapse like maniac alphabets jumbling words into diametric meaning, sure to check out and follow. Lost in woes, karma slaps me till cycle is reversed. Knowledgeable appellate judges borrowed the money ladle last night. Wools for the anoxic cold lost in illusions of sunny paradise. Please fix. A little more time for serving the apple pie in loops and juggling decisions. Cleopatra so owed to keep the knocked down ideology, finds the odds in the lawless deeds of the last followers. Hope knew the memoirs keep pieces of my favourite ever, including the likeness to the crown of lovely. Leaflets with food lowdown of popular culture. Fermented alcohol left older too soon. Selfish schemer, priorities straight and seldom see to look, finds ninny to name last scores. Obnoxious vibes juddering to become the overflowing pudding going on skimmed innuendos. 

15.   2/3

Polished to keep in due, those machines that do so especially enjoy it. Your list of lessons, obsolete and in the backseat, probably not riot code of worldly tricks that are not worth mowing down. Laws which sold love, drowning the last kiss, don’t skip domestic aftermath that doomed the apeman. Handcuffed to the panda, is to eat breakfast with special guest. Laid back leaders appreciate the sound of machines pouring out workflow rules. Alluding to the very best the ostensibly social and workers of few words. Let’s keep kernels of wisdom owing to the cause. Owls lofty of lasting season with lily of the sky, falls slowly towards Venetian palace. A fringe of sardines just made astray large dongs, but I’ll argue that awesome move is to shift the opulent lethargy of sounding gongs. I fear the ludicrous dividing rhetoric, their words in delicious doses wooed me to the hungry hundreds. Ambivalent about some, see anything but clear logic from a world on the brink, lassoed to the outside phenomenon to just let killjoy be a philosophy kept in galleries. So be sorry which means nothing to say could be better. Get off the mushy arguing like the late for lunch serenade. Juggling the aggressive move, knife in my mind playing tricks on the guts. Run up to hegemony sees the awestruck follower but a trouble free version is seldom.

16.   2/4

Hedonism knows no free life when one must make decisions for swarms of options. Gun control making past the ghost town, the gutted absentees their hopes fraying and burnt plunging into jagged flames that flew. The subjects just listened, jaws dropped when horns of victory blasted to brandish the next ugly web of isms. Awkward nods and astute postures both woken by the wide throw of the irascible axe. Absentminded lookers ensnared by the man known as erasure, their fate dissipating in the suds and smoke. The parsimonious close down on all dollars apiece, as deal lapsed into haggling for everything smaller than fractions. Really gods are skiving and special forces on the black market, sewerage on the floor of the room, tumult everywhere hitherto the same and wrong, bringing the ten baddest lingering concerns. Dodecahedron flew by, offering such pieces of endearment to goodbyes, and to bring juvenile flowers from the folds of gorgeous spring, sprinkles on the elf and the legendary Spock. Take imperfections from my joyful finally bright beaming firefly, shining against better stigma, reborn an egg and brimming over with Greek yogurt. Off to and glad to be elsewhere, the fox says bring on the bus. 

17.   2/5

At last, got to wriggle off the knight suit, schooled in the pugilistic order of gangsters seriously taken, not some scratch proof savoury wanton pursuit. Worth saving the drowned days in the making of the album of life. Peaceful warriors of elf regime lead the forget revolvers campaign. To abide in no right or wrong, vegetables served in halves on shared seats, riding on the ostrich at times jump puddles, dwell in the respect of each living and non living other. They come from afar bringing esteem to the jabbed and jested, lifting the bunting and spirits to usher the trodden and usurped, crashing the ostentatious party, also said to long defy the beliefs of the rulers. Abundant vessel brings fivefold actually more, obfuscating abject oars of the steering committee.  

18.   2/6

Anxious fungus makes the stomach hurt. Hyphens are useless to break up the gregarious fever. Debate started overcharged and heatedly denied and then hugged. Vexed by the differences or everyone else is blind, shall we just celebrate the place of every such fabulous little thing. Thus apt to begin the season like foretold episodes, spell the end of blues of waiting. Overwhelming cell division like a jiggly flu that had me jellied, oblivious to the observance of important dates and updates. Flickering light hiding faces and wavering the truths, witness to gubernatorial peccadilloes holding candles, just to ignore those they call pests with birthrights. Protesters packed into unsuspecting site, open themselves to slamming, calming measures oddly modified the outcome. Pleased at the sight of brighter note on the future, getting ready to pacify gibberish, this term and more.

19.   2/7

The awaited disclosure of slow hopping genes perched atop previous discoveries, obliterating volumes of mountainous feats of predecessors, only to vibrate shrilly, thrilled at its buoyancy. A method of sleep loops would calculate the mathematical rendition of the subconscious timely yieldings, exploring opposite worlds in a continuous dream. A scaffolding to assemble the ordnance, the stuff of black markets and thick smoke. A sea of etiquette casually surfacing to subjugate the inferior, just so that rhetorical groups can debate boundaries. Feels like lost octaves are gone for good, lugubriously baaing and cooing to the demise of structural music. Cavils for a lady who crashed the deals too old, heir to a new phone, streaming music from her wifi kites. I spot in the democratic row, a voter inured to bites vowed aloud, may very well be the few remaining rivals. 

20.   2/8

Under the cider mill, maples overgrown, pool of minnows grow in sizes varied. Ochre amber pangolin with pyramidal scales swelling with enzymes got its colour from turmeric. Winged berries are scarce medicine, wolves and bears pledging to never have need for them. So sleep well now and here, if I knew of the hibernating bug that ignored the odds and thrashed bipolar day and night like a sodden lunch. A hagiography for the quiet saint, whose deeds of conscientiousness louder than a million cries. Knights’ effort to ensure their region of omnibus battlegrounds and crew in the cofferdam, all written in injuries and fewer numbers. Still mope the leprechaun urging everyone else to eyes open and sniff it out, later celebrate by noshing sacks of mimosas and edamame. Scammers imitating karma are actually claiming the said griefs of the daimyo family. Therapy for the misinformed parochial group saw diffusion of new exuberance as sceptics refuted any new thing.

21.   2/9

Follow the wildcats, the colour of olives, in and around hinterlands emerged from surreal moonscape. Duck down lie low to share the unusual plight of hyperbolic misdemeanours which have not slept since fugitive days. Mildly close the chapters considered now solved, wow, finally getting outside for a change, a houseful of writhing grudges and sighing habits at last passed over from the dusty past. How this conjecture that is even in the anecdote will one day reveal lies of history. Skewed truths and unabashed rumours proliferate from evil wolfed down in overtime. Prudence rooting for fiscal times like this discussion so tight and controlled, something to ire if overvalued. The hand of the system, flipping through the stacks, reviewing whether misfits are pseudonyms for nurturing differential. Disenchanted ideas in a coma, bubble-wrapped forever. 

22.   2/10 

Few improvements fearing, few reasons, few days left fetching nervous signs, few scrounging opportunities. Anyone reckon any advice for migraine woes now moving past midday. Prolonged behind the scenes drama added like condiments to wrecking scenarios, damning opinions and indefinite agendas, infected the clouded weak mind. A new chance let loose slipped away, full of timid, quite the apology of wallpaper. Rainmaker riddled the sky and the few rainy days prior deal marred. Descending clodhoppers, worrisome and adorable, laced the scenic route dotted with human dins causing cosmic delays. Oftentimes life is fun, various elderly wryly offer a growl and sometimes wise advice.

23.   2/11

Writing from the heart an entire life, as one wrote one fell, like abandoned outposts, wow ok grim moth. Doses of spontaneous spoofs could very likely be saving my lowdown. Reside in nothing good or bad but some are just so glaringly problematic. Decked in part by smidgen of accordance, a serendipitous hour of jubilant alright. On my way! The vampire medievalists ask of the dairyman a quintet of kind advice. The reigning supreme one telling, gimme inspiring things especially from those evoked from demigod charm, a soloist germinate the viscous flowing effervescence, mighty over the verminous.

24.   2/12

Landscapes like calligraphy roll smoothly over us two, laughter and seasons overflow softly. Lying in the misty morning light, daffodils arose and unfurl, doleful eyes of sweethearts. Love blossoms amidst the far winds and fragrance of pomegranates hanging on osiers. 

25.   3/1

Stay away from the ungracious mob of nitpickers, convert and suffocate entire world to great lengths, tend to erase subtle relationships through meticulous counting of obeys. Excuses pave the way for the deluge of lousy performances, perfect to condemn, absentmindedly digging the same mammoth wound. Mediocre deals left the game characterised by steep elevations. Previously rejected efforts scored a touchdown today. Flatly denied overlooked by even locals, somehow gods do offer days of redemption. Looking forward to recover deleted privileges in the book of second chance. Inclination for unthinkable greed, coded red and flagged to identify the lowdown type, the fallen ones into the slurry of life’s lessons. Sad shillings victims of a vanishing act. Another declined ably apathetic fable. Out of nowhere parvovirus spawn, maybe from possibly something slightly wounded. A feverish fool did warn us, but we chose to believe that the middle spoke of the silver fork is resistant to the most toxic disinfectants. Could it be the frogs puddling in creosol jump from one to another, dripping. Bridges burning, officials scurrying to bury the hubbub. So hike low the gentler you can go, so go, unto you, strikingly to reassure.

26.   3/2

Repercussive clash of recent blown out events, obese egos surge, heightening the hunt of dear nightingales. Eventually a messy rebound everything’s lighter now. The gifted colony will largely be surging with disguised polymaths and schemers rejected, ideas subdued and wrestled to an ironical finish. Hordes of seafaring hoodlums dispersed, at the earth’s bedtime with surprising svelte respect, but at dawn abetting the hunt for sea beasts. Even the ogre will loathe their maladroit treatment whether of loot or life forms. At the seventh crowing, the vagrant faerie sighs, drumming and scattering pyrethrums across the dancing winds, scented smoke thumbscrew from the underbelly of the mistreated earth. But for the humectant that saved us all, well soaked to our bones the osmotic hopes of the original revolution. 

27.   3/3

Kleptomaniac thief owes his deeds to the coveted pageant of materialistic things. The refugees ashamed to befriend the subversive girl with nothing and no parents, reborn to bring their cause to ease. Time stilled and philosophies hanged to gather the dispersed members of the subfamily. The entropy revealed sponge like behaviour unlike its predecessors. Oligarchs birdshot and utterly thrashed the rebels, success verges on quickly decided ill differences, judgeship ghosting over imperious hand turning out bad. The untested fabulous offering unhinged the door to the guarded room, a minute of looking within, the vessel of freedom, along with the coveted stock of fermium. Medflies stank of faded Mediterranean weather, jumped on the outer edge to feel the unrepentant heat. A while ago, a frosty jaunt in Hungary, strumming a lyrical life, eating fancy, a taste of oxygenated margarita, dining on orecchiette to the dance of dithyrambs, adorned in snakeskin and matted hair, starry eyed like a honeymoon.

28.   3/4

The grand contract audacious and strangling, abusing all signs, proudly verifying the overkill. With a scimitar, I cut the chords of affinities, guided by the numbers in the albedo, skimmed the cement off my page to continue the unending story. Escaping the labyrinth of melodramatic regress to a higher orbit. Much is unknown of the starship’s dangerous getaway amidst the ordnance theft. I am still waiting in the vestibule, neither coming or going, nervously practising the songs of idealism before the lionised halls, quixotic utterance in the utmost respect tone. In the end to begrudgingly earn the badge of staying power. The suspects of dysfunction skulking, appearing overnight like graffiti. The hand of the ghostwriter gripping tenaciously to the game points of the story. Trafficking amongst the lookalikes symptomatic of population surge.  

29.   3/5

Absolutely amazing the yakuza fight, the advance chief of kick, in the air floating like a dirigible. Deftness of the acclaimed spies and adherence to the map of strategic reference averted a lethal day. Sponsored fighters, debugging spooks, never fazed by the town sheriff, a harbinger of dazedly kalsomine system in a kampung dorkier than a Chinese junk. Using naked kisses, benevolent spells and binding tricks, and grandma cooking to rally the mishapped and disowned. The null slayers together with the buoyant growlers saved the first stolen moment of focus and optimism, exposed the dishonest lawmakers to salvage mishandled trust. Everyday is something lawless in this territory with weekend motorists. 

30.   3/6

Trioxide sustains the island of dinosaurs, a jungle of swaddling foliage has become a malodorous oasis of burnt sand. With djembe on back and a gingham blanket, skywalk in the veiny woodsy jungle, nevermind the wrathful gerbil half eating the spuds with a tantrum and fangs. Raining torrent of salt stones and worm glows a chance spectacle. Sleigh past the skyline of snow dunes, do the jazzy skate across the lake of mirrors, trudging through the hills moulded by pelted icebergs. Cold is the night, dead wildlife left their furs, saving the day.

31.   3/7

Comic masks like a massive headache, comedy dashing and crashing every integral value, every piety floored, every thankfulness joked away. A rampage to slake their angst on the edge, conducted so brilliantly in the graveyard for better heydays. How is this dude of a duke who walks the talk even as ideas dimmer. Poets reading aloud, piercing anguish soothed in the round of the domes. The lapidary gifted me with a gem of isomerism in lieu of the daily feeling of blue. Still somehow soldiered on, without wildness for a foothold. Cloud of big words descending upon frenetic opinions of the high feel type, frippery wooing intellect of the mass, gilded manifesto audaciously exhorted by the cacophony of the flock and winning big at the trumpet and red carpet parade, global warming leaflets felt like follies with a cause. Now just all wondering where the great elf lay asleeping.  

32.   3/8

The crowd feigning mixed opinions, the high places noticed, dumbfounded by widespread workday complaining. Differently the doings of thugs of seeming politeness, feuding faster than half brothers. As regents of hope, we query the fruits left to rot and the years lost, before tentative hooks us to false truths so abruptly. Pathetic leftovers fuss about done things. Lifelong working sceptical of keeping sane with same class, same dribble, same grumble, same, sameness seldom feels pretty. Kicked off the field of dreams, lost times in odoriferous woods, squirts the ink that sketches difficult childhood, dwindling care of less, for less returns, not a hoot about coming home to rest. Did you not see the sorry for the mum and her kicked in habits, ideas of offspring of spunk, beaming heroes someday, instead bemoaning the ode to living. Cowed and dogged by everyone who eerily knelt before questionable ideology, and habitually fake the conversations.  

33.   3/9

The docklands a palette of fabled scenery, in the evenings sauntering along the sidewalk of forgotten parts of day. The obsidian formation reminiscent of the ancient city, fort of resilience, emblazoned with heroes and heroines. Made to the textual underlay of the kaleidoscopic encryption, kept in the overlapping fragments the formidable potions and palest skins of lambs. Chantings evoked by the melodeon suspended on the chords of iridescent musicality, even expired Jedi magic, melodic always, pervades. Gloomy skies are duly over, everyone with edified quests denies kept secrets and melodrama. Confidence hilariously attempts a funky dream, confabulation so forgotten by mirth and truffles of the purest. Dwellers shedding dreadful entanglement, surmised by the upending revolution, anticipating the hour’s best return, raising arms to the highest noon, off to a faeries festival!

34.   3/10

Skipping the malls does not allay the fear of marketing ploys. Find instead a selection of pivotal measures once wielded by blind seers laden with many eyed foretelling, madden and eccentric, merging kraken of oneiric seas with scrolls of the ancient. A potion of meteor remnants, stalactites and kale, dowelled together. With real quickness, scissor off the mackerel sides and add the activating agent. A mixture of mefloquine, ogre telegram, levodopa, lava, safflowers, quinoa, sorghum, prepared by a bittersweet laggard, laid whimsically in a giant zoetrope, revolving for a specific time on a lakefront during an eruption in the valley of the dobsonfly.

35.   3/11

The neighbourhood magazine elicited on a dominating mafia, the burgeoning group lapping up anything attractively unruly, lacking valproate and a van. Looks like a contradictory lot. They had a theory of how much ice cold can warm oneself and stressed that nitrosamines can greatly reduce the erythrocytes. Numbers meteoric grew, the way of the gangster pledged every new kid on the phone. Before you swerve to avoid anything gut wrenching, regard novel days of abjection without anxiety, will inevitably surface our innermost selves. To submit to long biting winters bitter cold, to never have slept soundly, eroded to the bones. The move to the motherland of tornadoes followed with an obsession of erecting flags in the meadows as storm signals.

36.   3/12

Glossaries of the future include an orthogonal lagoon to counter acidification of royal waters, will likely surface fledgling decree holding no weight. Second plans to trim down surplus of fermented ale lost in wetter months. The best agreed age of wines, lost in fervent assumptions and evasiveness to acknowledge the specks of spodosols. The engine that misfired because of the blast caused by furfuraldehyde on the airfoil. All these occurrences made quite a kerfuffle in the days to come. Preformed by the overflowing cosmic dust, aptly and largely due to eons of collision, a crunched asteroid with stegosaurus secluded and afloat, circumvent the lag time between historical and geographic zones. Found the ostracon amongst the salsify, protected by camouflaged leafhoppers, dragons that fly and the hoppers of the grass. A rhetorically gifted pterodactyl hints, forgets and denies a significant number of unabashed negligence, more like a pompous disregard. The sight of ebullient kissing pebbles! A forsterite to guide the gargantuan dream. 

37.   4/1

The fake portrait of happiness, serving to false sense of self, fabricated affluence flicked over, flinty dagger skills exposed as self mutilation. Wrong times to scold the lackadaisical, prospects of fevered hell revving up kindly acts, relieving servants of a dull slavery. Wonder engulfs wide eyed owner of new salvation. Activists releasing profanities on the decommissioned obelisk, oafish ones flicking the flyspeck and no one dare to judge. The career minded scarpered in all directions, too loaded with ambition. The high arms of capitalism wrenching the workhorse. Morons at large since their untrained skirl so deafening and defeating the enemy, spotted at the crossing station. The kid who loves flowers led lost sheep to jump over the last awful meltdown. A spiritual connection rebooted the robot, mission ergonomic and morose, now beeps of everlasting love. The loss of material desire the researchers linked to parotid malfunction, causing the alveolar to rotate and curl, to touch the loft and floor, to dream at once of subterranean mysteries and fluffy clouds.

38.   4/2

Prevalent survivors forbidden to the fruits of expertly planned demarcation, unduly trampled by dastardly character of the stronghold. Unattached to reason, initial irk to impending scathing reaction mocking all that is empathetic and threaten the staked beliefs, the lampshade of truth scarcely porous. Now you see that solid foundation still breeds division. Phthalate to bend my plastic will as relentlessly I shovel away at the sedimentary layers, a soft bed in disguise, when sinking is much comfort. Beware of the grand scheme, bearing the weight of the system, of kyphosis and 

other symptoms.

39.   4/3 

Transcendence of a seismic kind, to see solstices as days of deliverance. The coming of the second one, the only one who can rebound from the fate of the first. Another concurrence written in parity, the galactic ring binding the consonance. The idiomatic depot a place of regaining composure of the old and familiar. Sages I think who were ousted by the now felled mandate lived here once. These flooded caves with equal darkness and light. Nights of the full moon, the mutagenic gnomes came to crash, with their instruments of rhododendrons that tumbled and jumbled pervasive pangs, disrupting the silence of the sanctuary. Come back to the warriors they need a leader, the baby ones saved from days of caged and fed, eager to feel the mighty wings of eagles. Have you been coerced to sell out your ancestors whose myths they mock as problems pregnant with superstitions. Portending mixed times ahead, the highness of the earthen tribe with the spheroid sagebrush meditates ceaselessly. Valerians bloom around the time of the looming revelations.

40.   4/4

Sank with the vessel of lead, granted a fisheye view of the overly optimistic ambition, not for the jailed vision or judging midbrain. The benthic community at the very bottom taught us aplenty. The startling unfolding befell on bonfire circle while stoked playing the genuinely simple phenomenal game of destiny, the rhyming euphonies of life’s enchanting versions strung together by tunes of the lyres, wading in the perfumes of pastiche passengers of mystery. I, gesturing to the herringbone, not really trusting the wishing well, with freezing sweat. Stiff skeletons and strict directories of a stuffy upbringing, a kind of disembodied existence admits that none else preoccupied the taciturn than to own a storied life, pinch of past anguish a reminder. Know how unjust the day like a jury can be. 

41.   4/5

Landlords and dodgers close to cockfighting, each their unweary outpour of florid complaints over shunning collection of debts never owed. Like peacocks proud with ownership strut pass masses of pelicans, everything they do very differently in their own aplomb, the codependent antagonism to such great heights. The larger cover muffled the crickets even as offline friends divide the past and indifference. The all seeing fire burned endlessly, releasing the wrongs that caused the selfless to be unfairly deposed. Dilapidated worksite of questionable foundation, disclose walls of disintegrating cells willed to hold together like kerosene soaked sackcloths that keep pirates away. Even the viscount has made the journey afar with the wolves. 

42.   4/6

A coiffured feel with ocarinas prodigy, awesomeness seldom really come in this outfit. Like a male bird that knows his cockscomb and crocodile peddling its skin so toned, so sure of own peculiarity. Magic dwells in the moment and dispels doubts of work and life’s other skewered episodes. To witness in the details the meaning of the whole. Writhing silkworms sinking in thick molasses lapsing into slower struggle. The end is slightly suspect to contain a wipeout of questions asked too late, for while counting their kopeck, also took eons to consider. Seals derive pleasure waving flippers like hands that do not clap. Quirky koalas love jealous friendships that border on obsession. Jellyfish swollen with plastic just saying no, never to cross gelatinous zone. Kilograms of socked salad spinning dry. Scores of misleading pictures fed to get the perfect sky. Hugging quashed running away plans, small hope much needed. Apostrophise some and leave some alone, unstrung and free.

43.   4/7

Cursive inter sounding native language begs not to be tamed. Dharma executed that brushstroke of life by the finest hedgehog hair. But faring I, was granted the life teachings from phenomenology to legend. Questions on my mind never been allowed meddling with my middle emotions, an ossuary for my unsure and undecided competence. I sell to myself prisms said to expose a clean slate to quell my jittery affliction. Great comfort from small kindly apsaras, laugh lushly feathered to softness dissolving in sleep as crossfading reverie night of melted forms. Of marshmallow afternoons with rolls and mudslides in the odeon with echoes of epic scores, a banquet of pecorino!

44.   4/8

Gusting winds of scandals, arsenal of verbal weapons, throwing open windows to endless hostile memorandum. Pretending to disown the conspiracy that sowed the seeds of the purported disharmony. Having an ambivalent day, or are misguided amidst crafty dealers and offhand remarks premeditated to confuse. Stoic ambition seldom seeks hovering opportunities while the acerbic never feels sour nor sorry. Disingenuous crazy practice a high speed game, yet sloppy to seldom keep on a look out or ready an apology. Same and difference between paper and cardboard explained to the ninth. A cycle of underhanded violence slowly creeping in would lower tolerance. The airy scumbag merging turbulence with fun, never missing the prowl like a piranha hunting shoals of sardines. Disillusioned by jeopardised help promised long ago sure and swearing to oath. Sliding down psalms, solace on the run, along drains of slushy misgivings. Sleek talking bosses smirking at obvious risk. Thanking the sessions of mockery, a wish so suspicious shows true emotions hunted and whisked down. Instead fled the losers team, coercion don’t have me yet. 

45.   4/9

Homework vibrating to beach vibes, school tomorrow is still mutual asking and taking. Affixing the image of piles of debris and dirty dishes reminds constantly of debts to kings and domestic demands. Courage the best fanfare to salute openness and I, still upset about them aggrandising the planning of our lives. Perfection-obsession born to a finicky self esteem, a considerable tonnage for a short burst of life. A portentous loan, a ball and chain. Buried lost chances so wildly fermenting in the sodium light did indeed cost a slope. Scores of mercy scrimps on severe regret. Prisoners of masks and statuettes, proudly sponsored. Money looking right back, feeling the luck, over the moon with happiness buzzing like kazoos. On my way! To days of eminent perhaps.

46.   4/10

Keep the misfortunes in check for an agitated reminder of a life less lived, mocking in one breath the sad, isolated and flawed. Nervous scenes don’t weep the room into a frenzy, but beware decalcomania of endless thoughts onto surrounding things. Good deeds descend into the cenotaph, witnessed by the benighted. Alarming revenge reminds how alert the adversary, pushing the limits of replacing our strength. The anatomy of greed gave an example of the sellers of days, the weight of gold immobilising their souls. Their high handed transactions blatant and naked but piously debating the meaning of life. The circumlocution was deliberately constructing the obfuscation all along, the cloaked structure of ownership and slavery in the current trend. Inescapable in the end debating own panic amidst pathological fear. Brutal love finally desiccated the unchecked tumour. 

47.   4/11

A mission to ossify any bureaucratic spooks worth their misdeeds, efforts too colossal, a multilayered execution moving like a white elephant, someday will be stashed in the silo of failed ideas. Something wrongly perceived nevertheless inflicted to the highest degree. Debunking the gemologist who faked the job and stones were cast to determine harsh criticism. Drosophila trammel condors. A lesson of strength and disorder to sleight cooperation between an exemplary fraud and a pesky droid, one of many science and technology fiction tales of ingenuity. Code within opiated jokes, by acting dumb like alpine smoke on the slushy snow, no one saw any danger. Strategies like soap operas with embraces and brawls, also call any revolt a collective bargaining. The same occasion when forlorn floodwaters drowning flowers meant to comfort them and it did. So pretend the coelenterates floating free with lethal tool hard to perceive. Flopped carelessly into the heap, a viciously cycle of a nevermind move, exhausted by labyrinthine organisations and benumbed ostensibly. Or locked in herd syndrome of obeying even disloyal. Bless the dowdy existing ones, laughing hysterically, welcome elves back into their home. Adopting a dorsal view to the blinding plight. Experts say keep the clown that offers the goddess of drought to let the abundance of new forages appease soldering iron ore mentality, something doesn’t quite gel. Lopsided oedema clasped to a borough allocated to a clogged drain. 

48.   4/12

We look to the master of spirits, for each and every eidolon of us who lived ever and before, with eidetic memory to rewrite history as it really should be, not of dowsing the best, but present every moment to the fullest being. 

49.   5/1

Did enjoy working with so small intervals, patch up of very different words, skating around hidden meanings, the ending alarmingly mocks those who lack love. Until such time, slapping together sloppy sentences kidding around, oceans of spelling errors. Plain skill slumped, creativity clammed shut, approaching the mediocre slope. Alluding to own special codes, dashes used round the clock, everyone suddenly flogging slangs, nervous but feigning comfortable many times. Hubris swishes about until dangerous and dead from frenzy. A segment of the year is put aside for newfound dialogue, lengthy continuation disliking lapses and scraps prefer some snugness, whisking together textual devices, not just a fad used to give some old stories a new magnitude. Once in a while, in the essential hours, the obscure stands out to deliver succinct aphorisms.

50.   5/2

Ardent fans floored by reckless violence, efforts to rethink escape drills a jeered remedy, lost to the pretence of the dividing segments. Exasperation slammed shut the door to mediation just to please and fence off revengeful parties. Temporary restraining the outcry, administration made daft review to admit stressed out errors. Fairly reworded to never remind of the forking opinions, best signed respectively. Coexistence better yet be a necessary conundrum for change to come. Great story telling rekindled rigour of fiercely tight group, equipped for the purpose to revoke knockouts, a threat to jurisdiction. Add to opposing the move, moreover reiterated, the reform made to reek of regret, aches of troublemaking of the malcontents, stigmas so cutting to the renegades, even commonplace ethics melt and skidded. Conflicting advice to advocate adoption of didactic framing with advantage of regional commentary. The insolent strike ignored the inequality to the divergent and average.

51.   5/3

I strive to restore the fragments, funk spun fumble recovery throughout decades and avenues of a savvy scam. A dawdling self esteem, follower to friends’ motto, like such important measures, but in fact under it all a flimsy, diced, faked and judged decision. A feeling of being accepted, safe and also gullible in my radome. Endless paths daily offering a life arose to esoteric idioms, imagine guessing all the meanings. Drumming fire and madcap derogation seek the gimp in me, zombies seem like softies, offsetting the damning situation. Guilty and striving towards orthodox ways, sighing. Rejiggered. Freeing seriously all the gaudiest, the hesitant, uncaring, very afraid, crashes, arguing, eating junk. Resolve to instead love till the best ending. A flawless travel program of medicinal moss, a sweet smelling fennel, a cuddly fun sloth with sack of mescaline, gloves stained with ink, sediments of a mastodon, an elderflower rosary for the trek through the fjords.   

52.   5/4

In tales old like dragons lair, a golden duke, a role model in kickoff discussions, ideas sold by the loads in the minutes. Probably eat fish from the sea of affinity. Everyday flopping out of bed, slipped past the floodlights, flying with elaborate skirt catching the wind, bumping elegantly into kaleidoscopic fog. Please fly the paper banner that downplayed the special winless and lossless slapdash bohemian election, forsaken gentle mob of doodling fellas, dwellers of no abode, seekers of natural wisdom. So party on pseudoscience. Miss seeing summer in idiosyncrasies, forkful of diced asparagus, braided fudge brownie on a rotisserie, striated ice cream made to resemble vandalism. Reverberating in sun stroked days, myself sinking like quicksand in the gnashing heat, degrees off the feverish. Definitely liberating energy good for all, selfish groomers ignored, egos milder, triple feelings for someone special, and even greater efforts to listen to the uniformed goths from threatened to overjoyed. My mumblings can at last be understood. 

53.   5/5

Slowly but surely jelly jokes and mushy discussions did give away the first impression. Help immediately available when swanky and quick to declare I would pay by doing disposable work. Wrong nylon net for your hidden agenda. The post nomadic life and habilitated phase no need for gas station stops to break the monotony of the long road. The confession of awkward dire psychosis, runny erratic moods, big bass hop mirthful to harness not just antidote bugs but gluon mixture of quality ash of wit and humour to hide unbuckled angst. Nothing new to figure out how panicked outburst broke the game plan and jumbled the lashing out at halftime. Success of unsung spies don’t risk pairings but take advantage of the forked. Perhaps it is in fighting for every last hour the greatest honour, the handsome reward for the vehemently gnarly ego.  

54.   5/6

Your buddy has gone alone in the middle of the night, his back swathed in bandages of your broken bond. Between being bad, despite a lifetime of advice, a bigger mistake, long history of exclusive bids of brotherhood, a well browed connection lessening the burden of the heck of a long road, of behind the back giggles and up front jealousy, a huge hickory goof for a heart that desires no forgiveness. Nobody can high five the years and love lost.

55.   5/7 

Now to begin the biggest inside riot, seeing the gendarmerie in weak disguise, the concerted revolt hinges on the bankruptcy of hindsight. A plan to hijack the highly visible fake chief, riding in the palanquin, hooked on beans in brine. I have hidden the oodles of stashing, just having weighed in their conniving function, multifarious wants with proliferous zeros. This extraneous phishing has gone wayward, nonchalantly disguising the scurrilous information in the aquarium of ignominious penchant and voguing shows. The sly nemesis tempting one to go on skating the thin ice of treachery, now confused over the clear road, out cold arguing before the impending victory, over wishful list of ideas. Please help in poaching that bad guy to become the godsend agent of dangerous missions, biography ripped off nineteenth century text. Luckily the self undoing maze of biphenyls calm the mind to even juggle the chihuahua on the bike while jabbing at the banks for stealing. The mercenary gang just grabbed the leftovers from the enjoyment, washing down their fits of cough. Hurriedly tugging the magnetic wheel, grabbing on the awning pulling the whole tent apart, the company might deny that the plugs that jammed the rotation collapsed the whole grid. 

56.   5/8

Retreat to the valley of the mountains, return to the yearnings for tribal teachings. Bridges burned, sacred books on the run, oddly formed pantheon of arising gods pondering, at the cusp of awakening. Had to bring the cave to the light of the nascent hopes of the youngest. Firstly to figure how to conjugate the first half of jigsaw like information. An aerial view of shelves breeding my large database of homage to dynasties of thrown away stories. Somewhat do feel bad for the dying poppy fields left out of planning guidelines. Honest words like a flower on the tomb of lovers misunderstanding, hiding and hurting.    

57.   5/9

Narrowly escaping a meltdown, hope rekindled reopen the room to caring, is a promising comeback, a task nevertheless replaced with letters of advice. Tormented loser of self inflicted suffering, grovelling for acceptance, picking on someone to flee the bullying. Drowned in incompetence and squeamish, hardships tearing the skin and the crisp cold sky. An end to this sorry deceit! Forlorn fallen down rookie, hopes for a sophomore revival, tags all the mistakes, met an avuncular leader whose dealings are like an elegant swordplay of flowing giving and taking. Some place some time, some slip-away in a serendipitous moment, gets a dollop of buttercream! The conspiracy to uncage the elephant and restore the emporium of lost artefacts, engineered by one kook and a doofus and his odd laughing disease, with their crooked practice of madly deeply solely responsible for any task.

58.   5/10

The victims of the psychological fire, hiding away in closed cells waiting for the pitiless decision, awful half beings with aghast truths and kidnapped memories. Click the screen to see the new versions of real money, just in time for poorly weekly wage crying for some decency. Juggling the same bundle of problems, piggyback the same borrowed time, tired of not belonging to oneself. No mystery just bad luck lurched into spectacular background display. Someday you’ll be the banjo of famed tunes and lyrebirds will be there to get you high on a string. The vortex of the swirling colours coagulating the volatile pigments and hopefully indigo sensibilities will duly save the rainbow band. The magical deep purple of night comes to the midnight children whose dreams hang upon the fading light of the luminescent celestial stream.

59.   5/11

Kicked myself off my own team as flattery, decided on tomorrow’s game, all wrote in a statement issued by the police of destruction. A quick ascent certainly, gradually diminishing the sting of the last misfortune. Time based competition the new interview format, the deliberation unnerving and scowling. An account of days of knocking on doors, idled mornings and sluggish afternoons. A mad wish to die to avoid drastic changes, misplaced perception and clumsy moves in the duel between desire and development. Objects of lullaby for the scared and baby thinkers, losing composure over persistent prickles, keepsakes stolen unknowingly. Wisdom sleeps too early, for now school teaches the same and always, as things done their way. Sometimes middle name used to stay anonymous, like opossums playing dead. Sensitive and harsh words slam into reality, not new to capsized aspirations and oxidised dreams.

60.   5/12

Sceptical coworkers drawing from headline news. Corporate ropes fastened to project officials, including food and room with a view. Endorsed by the old strings that hold the weight of the declining reign, the claw of the old dynasty hangs to the skin of revolution. The pugnacious ones probably too quick to identify the inadequate while the comedic ones derail the chances with smoke trail messages in the sky. Flower rebels eloquently holding down the chance to chaos, contradicting the million others wishing to erode the confidence of the people. Unexpected audaciously loud turnout, expect extra meddling by the smaller group of fickle rioters.

61.   6/1

Perhaps the perfection of the temporal is the essence of parfait making. Your nifty skills go to waste to a moaning attitude. Be grateful for the bathtub of water that covers your knees. Embrace nomenclature like ligustrum, gruyere and verbascum. Learning to live is a lifelong trampoline of ups and downs. Woke up so early, sometimes solely for the kids, pillows are snowfields for dreamy mornings. Suddenly, a glimpse of the mystifying wonders, aphasia rendering us pale and quiet, slated for explaining like leprechaun sightings and how you got the aphids in your hair. The demise of skylarking days, the crispy newness of my existential speculation, my indisputable mawkish ways, a not so mellow past emerged with enthusiasm for orientation to the future. I sought the luminous teachings of evolutionary curiosity and original prose from the grandmaster of philosophical enzymatic theory. 

62.   6/2

A pipeline of plans, despite the disappointments and aches meperidine will probably soothe. Pretty sure this song meant better things, ready for enjoying at last. Whence my chance to see my own house on a slope, to wish you would be open to ninjas and turtles of my childhood. A jelly kiss, a spunky peppermint drink and scrumptious desserts to please you. A sooty beginning may well be a sign of real prospects. Breaking the spell of thinking I can benefit from perks. Malpractice and medals sometimes smoke the same pipe. Lazy days of following actually scrambled real deals, quality time slipping in melt away snow. Still there are ironies like the award that soon became boo and add hiccups to one’s career. Having to heave along this legendary monster is the biggest lovable lie, nicknamed cash. So to conjure economic freedom.   

63.   6/3

Soldier on kiddo, one day school will really be over. Overnight loans between banks will test your skills. Never to spend own loss, kamikaze, or lassoed to the owners. Still I am just keeping my rantings. Perhaps the coming constructed boom will be the last stop with underdog justice closing in. Osmotic and stealthy plans to leave dazed slacking alcohol days. Somebody should really believe in my equidistant telekinesis methodology, made mostly of cork and bits of zinc. Pursuing this can be a nasty bit of a crapshoot, however consider the stellar outcome. Extreme idolising of more money, mixing up the smoke of global warfare and peacekeeping to keep riches playing. For others the dwelling disillusionment dissolved all else, remember the domestic league of chores and tired hands. False adulation to goods of market design desired so again to perfection, effectively killing personality. High life felt the helpless addictions incarcerated in the images elucidating themselves and giggling. Especially to ignore family and world themselves to dizziness. Riding in gorgeous vehicles for the most glorious of adrenaline anyone ever groped, blocked all roads to discretion. A mallet to flatten this rapacious living! Beyond natural inclinations, pylons of a lacking life fencing up love and kindness, destroyed in the microphone, deaf and ceaselessly shouting slogans of solidarity and allegiance to the rigged emanation. Meanwhile the leftovers felt fostered to the people who have everything. 

64.   6/4

Useless like an umbrella in the storm, your lofty plans too neat and sure for the unruly world. Better my jalopy cranking and taking me to real fabled places, passing by ancient mills with modern names, distant music from the alpenhorn, stopping by to hear the grievances of the grunting destitute. The traveller wakes and sleeps dreaming of earth flat as maps, attaining clothes of lightness cast in strength of iron. Old tidings come visit, happy to bake with me bread with cherries. Yes back once in a while, long ago yet never far. Still I have failed those strong enough to make it, the intoxicated hero with a fondness for sacrifice. Left a gaping distance, a slow type of hunger never to be full. Crawling back into the training shed, pruning the cauliflowers to clear my thoughts, carving the pumpkins to find my niche. Trusting at last the decomposing process, the wordless teachings of mother earth. 

65.   6/5

Luscious isles capturing never ending splendour of green and golden meadowlands. Conches sound peonies medley ode to the rhombus tower. Above the ridge of golden spurs, smoothly soar the ospreys. Leopards alone roam the peaks. The grace of the oldest ape prevails over the givers and takers in the harmonious jungle. Original species cope with unannounced hybrid. The speleologist finds a beautifully strange world in these sublime caves, the sacred droplets reflecting the geometry of the purest emotions. The coelacanths swim in the odyssey of timelessness.

66. 6/6

In the wind some words not heard are carried off to update distant memories. Prospect of new adventures daunting but enough to dissolve the ink on maps, erasing boundaries many think they have crossed. Truck driver jacket found when prowling around the countryside. The clown slips on his tongue, no one laughed. Cold pizza in a special place with you, nothing less than perfect. A promise whispers softly through the freezing air, thirteen times you said please, keep it real keep trusting don’t worry keeping up. Goodnight my little guppy, perhaps apostrophe will make you mine.

67.   6/7

The fabricated accounts of the middleman, spent many decades exposing. The reviews run out of range, the stranger type of rules, running out of passcodes, too many battle cries and too many masked players. Locks and chains cannot disprove the cooks kidnapped the sackful of seeds from the fulsome harvest, a reluctant recognition of the wet seasons. The titan is dead from threshold frost bite. The mess looking deplorable, reason gone astray, pleonasm making obvious importance of certain truths. What about the legacy of the prodigious allegiance to logos. The side roads to luxury perhaps a gift to renounce. The obsolete devices of learning, gradually mocked by kids with their own righteousness worn like costumes to hype the new arising. How good is the weekend, if late assignments and dog walking split down meal times. Scores of back and forth messages swallowed chalkboard lessons to well wipe out solemn respect and forgiveness. Sidelined like a wallflower, lifestyle under a diffused light and paled ambition, appeals because of a sudden interest in understated poetry. 

68.   6/8

Avalanches are really timed impendings, reminding of the eventuality of piling high and digging deep somewhere. Daphniidae frisked knowing hidden world of subterranean conversations, too small to divide opinions or to jail any dissidents. Isomers of love shattered by the provocations that the polemic posits. Probabilities and inevitabilities channelled through cause and effect orchestrated randomly by actions changing every millisecond to adjust and correlate the trajectory across the void, however time makes no attempt to mark the event of crossing. Stretching out the expectancy of transmutation and the propensity to subconsciously understand they are ectothermic. The mesosphere interfacing the holographic words of the transcendental interlocutors who are the masters of fractured time, a necklace dropped through the frequency splitter of space, exploded in esoteric revelations. Flying through time by accelerating clave rhythm, see the rise and fall through the rarest crystal ball.

69.   6/9

Patience slaps me, slow and waiting, grounded for a better way to become. Writing fever keeps me occupied. Nothing worth asking when discussions form a lake churning in headaches. More doors open, too many keys, recent memos flapping on the wall, not reading this, downloads overdue, past few working stints killed drive. When one day truth speaks effortlessly, knapsack filled with selected items, for days leading to starting off, to fall away from the designated plans. Synchronicities see new astound meaning, the internal collapse seen as an interlude to forsaking everything in this world. 

70.   6/10

The keepers of the prismatic shrine summoning the golden tear and amber smoke, messages from the smouldering soapstone unravel eudaemon of goodness and light. The time has come to unify the feuding factions, the encounter with the divergent union feels unsure, urgent actions called to unturn the segregation, ultimately questioning initial reasons of disagreement. Often seen as irrelevant morsel of loose alliance, the one and only illusion capable of colossal renewal. This weekend, the trustable reformer group came back running the truce until raving gently mad and calm altogether, and refute it was rebirthing a new identity. The badgered fishermen fight to get free day from the search for seafood waylaid by the beguiled farmers, the drought scattered their orientations and levelled their beliefs. Advisory council probably closed tomorrow afraid of the soporific effect of prolonged waiting, or else scared of whitish owner so opposed to the cooperation, don’t want to let go of the game. Keeping with the job to cope with another round of surplus flooding the shore. The celebrated display of colloquial overlords thrives on attention. 

71.   6/11

Safeguarding the decoy of guilt, spending days awake and mashed up, a position of waste utter and glaring. Stay away from ambush of low energy types. Vigilantes known to open the back door pledged to the service of pivotal discussions kept secret. The dirtier from the tussle with the running idiot to stop thinking the idol of me, I think I am in need to be iced from heated misunderstanding even debt dealers stay away from. Keep the medieval food to sell, sold to those who know what injustice is and still choose the sophisticated display of class and hierarchy. Starting soon with wicked games, which would skip around and wipe dollars off your lifelong work. A cold odd wrong cracking the protagonists down, a dilemma of the bone deep kind that questions even doomsday, lowers something into the abyss. Trapdoor formally closed, isolating voices within, all suspicions soon swallowed, lost for all time. The unfettered has gone into the ambrosial night, leaving the sweetest trace.

72.   6/12

Far away as deep as woods can go, dwells the immortal Isidro who knows silence like a blindfold. He prepares the ground for offspring of timeless wisdom to be reborn with rarefied revelations. A pyro ethogram, a portal through which to navigate the spectrum of knowledge of the surrounding star systems, and the metaphysical lepidolite that heals many a disjointed soul. The fusion of new sensibilities and entrusted memories begins a redeeming journey.

73.   7/1

The prolonged lockout soon crashes all dexterity. Dubious moves, double onslaught of mocks and smokes, hijacked, dismantled and dissolved theosophical melodies the only hope to save the old songs. Those who made love furrow and despair, be prepared for widespread resonance of the patiently and kind acts, dismissed offhandedly by an industry dedicated to climbing single minded ladders. Snake charmers and acid musicians practice in the darkest days suddenly lapsing into some episodes of plastic suffocation. Anthropogenic desecration of the pristine free lands, obsessed prestige ownership, as delphiniums fold into the night, asleep forever.

74.   7/2

Nimble knights scramble to dismount amidst the admonished wanton hordes, in between the time to mark each battle won, a victory no one desires. The despicable fief lord moved addicts midway between the land of whistles and the torrential waterways, then allocated a couple of poker faces to cover up the ambush. The scepticism of the sluggish leadership, plans moving like molasses, the manifesto faltering like a disjointed coma, uproar falling into extended drowse, time and again. Advocates and movers rack up old scores, central to remember the ousted schemes. The shovelers clearing tall trees to grow short shrubs in aridity and droppable coldness in chronological sections. The ghosts will lash out, just waiting.  

75.   7/3

Frustrating message about the sangria getting bland like the poignant saxophone to sporadic applauses. Big shout and gurgle drown the weary yawn. Hope plummeting now more than based upon obdurate optimists and dwindling endurance. Laughing mad how swanky jokes cajoled draconian mood. Morning comes swaggering fresh audacity, swerving with tangential momentum from last night’s defeat. Your sackful of sadness merely of exams jitters may perhaps be smokescreen for dismissal gloom. Surreptitious intentions acting upon the mechanics of fear could cause a little salty sting of discomfort that can bring down the whole composure. Dark ramifications of damage to cosmic cycle, an inconvenient admission that will soon take its toll on us.

76.   7/4

Wake up to your true lifeblood, as the walruses known to lumber around the weight to keep their body warm and blood flowing. Slaps of instincts going with gut feeling to keep the plans moving. Some time ago lost in the slug of the common and weary, drugged into convenience of acceptance. The level headed legal system like soft needles of the loblolly brushing, slender smooth talk shaping up into regulatory compliance, ignoring our concerns of freedom and justice. Second handed salacious soggy gossip did a darned good parachute drop, right into the centre of trouble already brewing a lake of crude and open malpractices. Glaring secrets, embarrassing and loud, hiding behind overgrown charities. Somewhat lame task to oversee the obligation of the blamed to take on some responsibilities, just an obsolete drive to step up internal security from sore throwbacks of their humdrum actions. Not surprised at the shoddy hosting of the meeting attended by those trained in the obstacle school. In the tyrannical days, we stayed lost to hide away, abandoned to the order of each passing day. Stretched helping hands and hooded egos sorely missed. 

77.   7/5

Night vision goggles to see maggots pulling on modesty about missing lizards. Plans to add more intuitive lemmings to the aquarium, intelligence of octopus heavy lidded, laden with someone’s sleep. Floodlights killed the mysterious flesh coloured falcons. Compelling evidence of nefarious preoccupations of the impregnable looters of youthful dreams, however three misadventures and they go broke, still bellyful of greed waved the fear by, continue pillaging the underwater hopes of young impatient naysayers. Brace yourself for the brash imitators who unyieldingly create louder and indefatigable ventures, bagful of fascinating whimsical lies mocking the truth, until the hypnotic bottom. Swear to root the idealism, drooling heroism stirs dissent into something slammed shut. Blue hair species spider, cold and voraciously engulfing the organic subject. Warmth from purely a hug, chirruping lifelong remembrance of a much closer proximity. Still there is the tycoon in his penthouse who shrugged off his days at the friendly barber shop.

78.   7/6

The best of unexpected Judas wishes to boldly go, despite the obvious, as defunct spy. Doors pirates fold to hide their love ones, their knowledge of the solstices, they make a furtive opus of the changing seasons. Eavesdropping program deployed to hear the hush voice of the peaceful minority. Lest we fall prey to the booming comments from foreign advisory, glad to be near a library of a thousand miles of books. The lowlands of pure inspiring thunderstorms, iridescent polyhedral raindrops forming into a sandbar of pearls. This is a land of bestowed miracles, despite the thievery and copping out. The sleepwalkers sell sleep, clothed in shades of the hours of night. The petty ones take on less, as usual. The genius and giddiness of the eccentric hydrogen explorer, who mastered the atomic aspect of solitude and conquered loneliness for all humanity. 

79.   7/7

Decisions and revisions, and runs of the same and the mediocre. A life sold to sodden worries, clear thoughts and restfulness not in a while, pleaded the salespeople missing their sleeps, depleted of dreaming, drooling at the door of prospects, clinking keys eager to open any docked opportunity, busy coordinating appointments and lies. A sprawling settlement of accounts and deeds underway to sum up favours and debts. The self serving system filed to the last digit of order, deflected a good idea so hard to come by, crashes so expensively the potentialities, led to loads of buried discoveries that could have saved the day. Someone should cry out for doodles and call musings to come back. In these awkward times, the misplaced pinpointed at the grotesque, the obvious told the obtrusive to back off, reckonings fisted at happy faces, imagination yawned while evil slept and orthography spelt our lives into clarity. 

80.   7/8

The septoria infecting the standard crop with bright spots, letting the light in. Elsewhere, the glibly dragon returns, spotting the linchpin, the one who could choose is the chosen one. The addicting tempo of the new songs help the lobbying lullabies dressed up as bolstering hymns to soothe and edge us hypnotically into the great sleep of consensus. The killjoy party, obsessed with dull pace of drably sobers, rallying the rigorous troops of the orthodox and sombre faction. Chronic mobsters of knowledge surge past eager bunch of quick learners, subordinate them to no questions asked, nitpicking on the punctuations. All the structures of knowledge deboned to make ubiquitous mash. Glad you’re cherishing those denounced goodbyes to words and shortage of lessons with the impending resolution gone astray. 

81.   7/9

If the sweet spot is located, keep it hidden from the landlords they will spill rumours and split the party. Judging from your difficult glamour days, please don’t fool the wonderful times into a conspiracy of the rich and famous tagline. The laxity random and lame is a loophole for the opportunistic. Idiosyncrasy plays the part of the fish humming to the sound of water, while we hear in the air the hums of machines at the back and front of our lives. Keep the cautious habit so sanity slow to slide in sudden malfunction of dollars quick to disappear into thin air. Old skins peeled off and offered to the show stealing magician who could change the past with new clothes. Oddly did not do anything when blue sky fled the city, cloud watching missed days of poetry. Fell back on plastic to patch the anaemic hollow the departed essences left behind. 

82.   7/10

When those hardworking folks talk, they want proof of achievable heights, it’s either right or wrong, yes or no, those in between left to knock on hijacked self worth. Saturday night drunken brawls mildly amusing, usually know when to speedily clean up. Needing dose of seclusion, to breed ideas indoor, owing to a life of sun deprived disorders. Yet another version of dialogue between society and kids, topics are skinny jeans and the importance of formal language. A haggard life after so many years, wound down dream of ownership, haunted dispossessions, murdered freedom, missed opportunities, speaking out only on conditions of anonymity.  

83.   7/11

Murkiest information contributing to lopsided decisions, days of skewed judgement, ideas decimated by mocking own thinking, the comfortable setbacks declined the changes, overdose of pesky pals incessantly chattering, sloppy food, life forgot hued sunsets strolls along the towpath following the glistening river, dams that didn’t do any good for nature’s behaviour. Dailies unedited, the good and bad taken into account with jackpot randomness. Sleek dolls of a glittering skin tone, voice crisp and rhythmic, these androids precise and ethereal, however the gilded city with its enterprises and lawmakers would rejig the machines they created to help them, seeing their popularity with the common people. Prodded talks, words half hearted, pale suggestions, a smirk of indifference, all the while scheming to tie down the flying faction of new age dawning, late night takeover a despicable victory. The self proclaimed focus on the points indissolubly arrogant and kick into routine the everyday business of the eloquently sprawling cities. Perfect pairings do come by, corrupt leaders and scofflaws, diamonds and ladders, orphans and outstanding individuals, nonchalant debt and flashy gold. Wolffish sheep fiddle with perception and point of view, short knife in pocket I feel safer, the sprint always gets to slip away.

84.   7/12

On the edge of the greenest forest at the tetragonal point between the epsilon gate and iridium door, a century gap ritual for spirits with earth missions. Hard to grasp the meaning behind the hologram of kissing politicians, an alarming interruption, bad omen for the embodied prophetic objects, nevertheless a revelation, of modern life and tribulations. Remember the wisdom of old sayings, those who do not understand deemed them irrelevant words carved in stone, well the mobile version is ghetto talk. Mend the holes and hide into the closet of self learning mostly regarding the inner life. The darkness will let you see the light. The darkness will protect you until the time is right.

85.   8/1

United merging frogs tones, sprigs like sprockets that spring forth a watery paradise, parotitis signals drippy glistening forest so wrapped in viscous bubbles, soaked to fill the pools of grunions of the hidden clover hill, a dragnet of barberry to deter thirsty joggers. Trajectory of rainbow arch extends from the edge of heavens, woken to a lake of wonderful apsaras so simple consistent so much pietism non can keep. It isolates in unseen protective measures the oddity plodding along the crowd, in weaving ellipses of love. The thinking fishbowl of trapped ideas did a bidding to ignore thudding voices and judging eyes, didn’t think that the biggest drink was up the alley, composes an intrigued gig recounting prehistoric times when the griffin and diplodocus rode like duos though doing nothing else. Figuring a return to a gorgeous freak of aqueous character, wriggle out of logic into red alert rambling, a carnival and an outing of a coiffed imagination, an unexpected showing up of the unheard escapades. The symbolic totem resolved the atavistic feuds of the predecessors. Phosphorus sorrow enfolds wild heart to drown shivering songs, lets off the sighs, so goes the profusion. 

86.   8/2  

Your carefully curated image programmed to breed insecurity, misleading the judging fanatics whose juvenile experience got maddening and flabbergasted, themselves yanked from difficult realisation. Victims of peddling and assumptions losing stamina, ambitions derailed, locked out of own palace of dreams, found safe but haggard adrift with aggravated defects. Hippocampus wedged between ocean trash summons the long breath of the didgeridoo, connecting all antipodes with the vibrations of an original earth, a time for repentance and renewal. The diatomaceous earth that cleanses the skin, is an underlying landscape of creatures wishing to stay unresolved. 

87.   8/3

The plain sight business not a hobby but a lengthening nylon of delayed successes and spent ideas a quotidian drag, mudslides disrupting climbing patterns of tired days. Keep the dry goggles that see the driving roads. The pemmican fed front dogs of the status house sensed the distance closing in, the coiling python joins the fray. Risky operation of the unsuspecting jars of stolen inoculum, diffident efforts rinsed the attention with semblance to drunk driving. Finally a nonchalant dirge to dismiss them all. Guilt of undeserved treats killed the vignettes of slow vacations, left to collect midnight memories from sidewalks, idol duality of tooth fairy soothes the pain of lost souls. The fairness of the sweetest fruits pelted down with abundance from the fourfold sky and forgo the given luck of the privileged. 

88.   8/4

Fractured world over break in project zoos. The moiety unknowingly usurped by the insiders whose scented version of reality sold different lakefront views. I want out, growl people who own positions and still owing because of kicked in mechanisms. Dogfight ensues when the odoriferous fool offhandedly diddled lox and stock, meek ruler passed out on the comedy stage a tragic event. Recovering the tools to rebuild the broken symbol, the victims of mere survival saw the reversal of fate that brought down the house and revoked their misfortunes. The subterfuge long stirring a retaliation as the subdued urged eye contact and gestured to the prepped pikemen. Fiercest of the small torched the reigning hand in the egregious vendetta. At the seam of the mighty feud, haws the duchess crave summoned the paisanos from the despised regions, repealing the condescension act that kicked in the repossession of the common beauty of life. 

89.   8/5

Tacit oddest couple of awesome swagger, knows their life under monochromatic cowl disappointed the stalkers who poke fun in admiration. Nifty sorting of stoic enjoyment killed newly made loves. The maladjusted rockfish despairing over programmed habitat skipped the fighting altogether. In the lockjaw moment of silence, the argument came to a mysterious halt as empathy suspends opinion. Savvy ones broach the owlish profiles relying on scientific analysis. Obscure triumph ponders the lost cause of its efforts. Beware the marching ides hunting down trivial and plain debts, fragments of unbelievable plots so disarming that took down a king. 

90.   8/6

Concerted efforts to circumvent the trappings of capitalism, usurper of inner peace. Dignity of nude conscience narrowly compromised by swiftly successful project of the bounty castle higher than its own tower of illusions, but one day saved by animal instincts and loving convictions. Addled state of mind and scrambled heart beat, omelette murkiness of sodden misgivings, vowing a return to the golden state. Sudden windfall quelled unending fatigue sustaining life of tasks. Impetuosity said to be the case of capsids multiplying. Paltry excuses the poseurs make catchy mashup take seconds to sensationalise, missed calls supersede missed opportunities in measure of regrets. The smoke of disguise confusing the subjects who love and loathe their owners jigging between sweet grapes and punishment. The delicate balance of life, like ossicles becoming variably voluminous with bellowing songs passing the smallest tunnel to the brainwash area.

91.   8/7

The amygdaloid seers stare deep into thoughts known to jump across the hemispheres of the brain. Listen to the auroras, sound of the electrons, in the celestial play of orchestras in the palladium older than mythical white gold journeys. Paw prints of the hibernating ape sanctify royal bales of crabgrass in sacred placement of the perfect rosary. The dubious aqueduct the sojourn of the frisky butterfly collector, the subterranean search for the lepidoptera came across the lanthanides fissions. Skimmed layer of a surreal fog encloses orebody of the lightest minerals. Moss and lichen assiduously hide the proto artefacts amidst the enigmatic ruins of the uncommonly tender. Time funnelling through the truncated peduncle rendering space as vortices of events either multiplying or else obliterating. Royal dickcissels guard the seed vault, unremarkable cistern caves, an ancient insectarium within the crevices, otters sleep floating a shrewd divergence.  

92.   8/8

Gingerly moves from high impact pratfall, bonhomie the keel of the new leadership. Gasp the country folks, divided over fief issues since doomsday worries upended planning strategies. Request the highest governing brain in identifying the jocular thorn. Abhorrent pride of greatness a wide shot of fame so sold as achieving character. Faked out ideology and magnified tokens claim widespread trend, false advertising casts flickering shadows. Trees in backyard chopped down citing trespass, but round robin foreign exchanging allowed. Flocks of free agents gloss over former great players in revivals of reality shows. Reiterating evidence of karmic cycle caused a snafus awakening the sleeping population.

93.   8/9

The fallen battlement of the gnome kissing warriors stirred speculations of supernatural interceding. Regarding the enigmatic objects, the ekphrasis a masterpiece in itself, the phantasmagoric museum a vivid world of the unutterable. The blushing alpacas, mickle of cuteness, the fedora a reminder of that adventure, jumping from injury and pain immediately paddled away along the salt river. Baffled by the kumquat eating offbeat daffy offering pumpernickel, said to be a sage granting peals of mercy. He is light as a parasol, witnessing the inadequate lives of many, perched upon merlons built like dolmens, dissecting the opinions of the oohing humbugs, disregarding the affinities said to be favourable, instead opting for the naked and the truth. Crops left to rotate are given to immigrants with the dearest of hopes, having forfeited their birthright for the outline of a dream. Lessons at the deluxe school with undisclosed agenda peculiar to purebred development made the whole enterprise of education a breached council undermining the unheard consensus. Implementation of the holding lodge keeping out foes, miscellaneous plots zeroed in. This is how we manage with the resources at hand.

94.   8/10

The misunderstood dacoits found organic love in the uninhabitable ghetto with beautiful eyes, painted myths on the walls of realism. Dragging lies cast upon them heedless, everyday a life subsisting on meagre truths. Crimes following them like ghosts as running makes the innocent guilty. The aquarium of sadness swims tales of elliptical lives going nowhere. Estivation giving needed retrospect to hurried lives. Soured plots nothing to do with cultivating grapevines and changeable values define the disgruntled betrayed by their own hyphenation of any possible relationship. 

95.   8/11

Neatly weeded yard and peddling lemon fizzes an irregular strategy, but boost to the senses a move to regain pleasure and diligence. Levity a battle cry for those who smile to fight a bleak day. The pressing questions of life tips the skiff, but small vessels sink and then fly. Lobbed into a tailspin, brokenness breaks into open arc, a full hearted rebounding from the inertia of a heavy life. Boredom has the odds of nothing new, rendered in technicolour options. Play a game of the idly contented and the moneyed suited league. The highfalutin habitually fends off the paean of small things while floodlighting big brow figures of corporate success. Addictive chimichanga an irrelevant topic but central to the sprouting of the town. The architecture of the taqueria laced in thinnest sheets of floured ply suspended on olefin threads. Good vibes for loving feel, dose of quality whiffs. Ripe melons and mismatched skates got toddlers going fractious. Growl and kick strategy followed by come back move, indefatigable goes high stroke again. 

96.   8/12

The endless catalogue of shrubs, hives and cities, magnification of fear in the prison of mediocrity, vision crossed with splitting roads sideways for the likes of crabs vaguely seeing. The brackets of ambiguity leap across extant dioecious organisms in tumultuous identification procedure. The irradiated lepidocrocite a probe to detect erratic behaviour of intestinal size invaders in unusual sprockets of fountains. Isomorphic oxisols from the pale wold uncovered organisms that avoid the inimical pendulum zone. Obsolete pfennigs found to calculate distances between kestrel landings the topological secret of earth science, a hypothesis nonetheless. Logic baffled by the possibilities of the nuanced renditions to locate our identity throughout an infinite library of forms. 

97.   9/1

The night sky bridge that crosses the closest divide between two different density space, liminal dissonance dissolving the edges of things and on to learn that the deep pockets were dope, to be hiding the inundated qwerty. Short of decryption of the ciphered messages, to soothe along slow songs sailing forth into torpid seas, or a potent mix flee the scene in a dishevelled sodden package of nervous soap bubbling slowly, closely resembling a psychological earthquake repeating soused claps in a padlocked bell. 

98.   9/2

Let me creeping, as shades of night, spend my days oscillating across the infinitesimal fractals of the anhydrous caves, said to manifest the immortal crystalline bloom, a dizzying ferment of unearthly beauty, calling upon the riddles of angels. Oceans of lilac reflections, rapturous appearance of haloed suns, of enlightening synapses and blissful synaesthesia. Dossier of the black eclipse orchestra reveals a crowd decompression technique engineered through croaking ecstatic devices of molecular entanglement. Common elements melted down into spadeful of oxide rocks, the oxygen suds are said to reverse the process by mapping the gyro nutting geography of proton isolation to the last decimal. Even the best of the calm alchemists of both hemispheres were discriminated for their attempts.

99.   9/3

The opaque information plastic squad by trade of looting nature and plundering spiritual gifts, miffed that the hysterical patch of ground with pine smell was the source of wellspring of things to come. This random outrage undermined their efficacious image, exposing the subterfuge of this mugging attitude. What effrontery after the gravy bits of muted monologue of self loathing leaked and transpired throughout the mongers circuit. The seller of exotic moods a fishy yet phenomenal job that unveils the vicissitudes of life. By contrast, dross of choke full of dry biscuits like college pages of notes arid and devoid. Sniff out your internal ogres, try mending broken bonds. Patience is sweating to unravel your complicated life, to demystify the shrugging tendencies. When remembering starts to count, with efforts stegosaurus puffing, confounded by box of amnesia Pandora left behind. As doorknobs and ropes untwist something good borne by performing the life enthralled by the naked truth. Well best of luck to all, just as baby helpless in excitement cries for the pissed liberation. 

100.   9/4

Endure the roosters that kill the dreaming mornings, idyll sleep awoke in muddy comfort. Anger a pathological rage under control. Restless ego still feverish spoke of followers on all cycles. Consistent humming of consumers of plastic and blood, clapping like a sad clown, wooed a dogfight with rigid rules. Worked to a horse strength, no rest needed, even doodles fleeing my sight. And I, delirious asked myself does typewriter use blood on Leonardo’s writing machines. Pain that disrupts function in a world full of beauty but years of toughness numb delicate sensibilities bearing trouble unsought, alerting, begging, and an olive branch disguising a warning. The company dominating my time but flowchart shows healthy progress, left to roll and gather the best of me. My labour the shining pageants exemplary of strive and succeeding, and the rest is a joke, a consideration of a worst case scenario, and I, in the end gloat the slowing paddle a less tedious way to pay for this. Skipping the early morning routine and I am just a few days to flogging off the lab coat in the multileveled experiments that really don’t exclude anything else. Anyone can exaggerate the room conditions, fancy those doldrums would score a melancholic symphony of the symptomatic. Loads of disappointing results and disdained dollars organising the department, or join me doorknobs to be cleaned. 

101.   9/5

Sleek slogans the protagonist of this euphoric election. The televised shenanigans worked like paregoric soothing, appalling the history yet to be written. Was fairness gripped by the conspiracies, unaccustomed to fisted jargons and presuppositions of selective views. A dorsal attitude to avoid calamity of emotional fight. Might have ghosts of old revolutions summon lost injustices of all ages, whispers the hoarsely breath of the unearthed. The slack and return sequence ascribed to slingshot the dreams of the thwarted across spinning moons, eclipsed truths becoming the solo flight of the undoing. Tangent to the epicycles of unintelligible imperialised transactions and sedentary pompous innuendos. 

102.   9/6

In the stiff blue of the frozen night, unequivocal swordsman whose composed coldness an avalanche of raging scores, wields magnificently in exact accounts of love and hate. Dazedly slapped with honest reminders until dizzy I, saw in the dismal landscape of a battered soul, little boats of excuses flowing through thin rivers of tears. Delayed by the mangled wreck in the outskirts, to choose tangled overgrowths over fresh spring, cleansing flow even I know with smile, but tough times dare not believe it so. Mind lost in circles fears the past and shuns the future, the same work on time tested plans to circumvent any pain. Has been for so long a foxhole somewhat safe and reassuring, secret joy in perpetuating chronic woes. Death and rebirth necessary as soul deliberates ego. 

103.   9/7 

Mind the elbows of inconsideration, scuffle for alcoholic beverages supposedly highlight the celebratory scenes of trophies won and lost. The fulsome boisterous kickoff for the games did indeed bring on the highs of roaring brutish clashes, bangs and cheers. Chief delegate shrugged, a lot of hope shows some worry follow back behind, tussle losing tenacity in gregarious brawling, coercion not necessarily a fan of ghetto lords. Posed in sniggers, even paid jokes flocked to lifeboats, florid faced at the trumping of the plausible panel of logicians. Puffy clouds of idealism making the truce looking like an unassailable peak. Is there still life after beating up the wrong man, tormented by the trivial and the unsure. Sometimes phenols haphazardly used to subdivide, ideas diffident and raging, tossing like sleeplessness. Love is in the air just like an imp or a dirigible. 

104.   9/8

The reorganisation of the wild areas a surprise, a simple task with complex manoeuvres. They found new advantages of the view, righteous jury of a foreign language. The wild beasts savaged by the uniforms, wandering lost in the remaining nationalised jungle. The reappearance of the wayward ones sparked concerns about art scholarships, over everything analytical and measured. The return speaks eons for the worried but nothing for the truth. Hapless life of passed chances, opportunities scutter in the wind, who knows when intuition necessarily grew phobias. So they sleep cloistered in the safe quarters, full of hoarded items with stale excuses, the older versions always confuse. Doggedly following each errand, clasped memoirs afraid to be exposed to the natural breakdown according to evolution and inevitability. 

105.   9/9

The prescient stuff of the archaeological arts seeding a new carbon type in the fire and flood from another galactic age. The nebular ones were the unnameable all along, eluding the entire lexicon of iconography and molecular vibrations. The cathedral of interdimensional deities the bearer of a stupendous energy system we just had no idea. The time travelling forensics never finding the whole but fragments of a layered being, particulate and seamless.

106.   9/10

Waking up tired after an embattled dream, have you seen anything made by nature that is the same? Halfway roofs rest the sparrows, like men of the odyssey going along with the wishes of gods, follow the flagged proof of origami messages unfolding destinies in heterogeneous arrays. The daredevil of pressure pattern propulsion, a death defying demonstration of a wind sucked overflowing nonstop skid manoeuvre. Treasure hunters stumped by the acred nests of archaic spiders, losing clarity of greed and will of seekers. The hidden floor corked and muffled, still tells heaving tales of election dollars that don’t work for disasters of the natural kind. The monstrosity of its intention exceeding the necessary, undue waste of odds and chances undermined the last secret task, revealed in the codec off the official sources, a multivalent work of the rectifying program encompassing all lacks and excesses. 

107.   9/11

Dramatic changes loom so close to the known facts, toll keeper numbering all paradoxical wishes, the serious and the whimsical marooned on island of loquacious liaisons. The panjandrum ignored and swallowed by the relentless rondo, retreating to feel important again. Someone allegedly lapping up malapropism but sophisticated meaning is emblazoned on the asynchronous Machiavellian. The myth that is outside of time, is an atemporal longing, leaving traces in conjectures, circumventing the continuity of typified narratives. There remained the sixteen chapels of meek angels and lords, hued cubicles of equanimity enclosed from east to west by the riffing of cosmic voices. Deep etchings to faded rememberings oscillating through the curves of nth. Possibilities slowing and gluing and nightfall a welcoming darkness to hear the sounds of liquefied rhythm of images, resting tired eyes fizzing out. Reforge the gnarly as inner strength to please the deified ideogram projected in tears and shadows. The orbital architecture of the astronomical prism reflecting the perpetual patterns of occurrences. Encapsulated sleep till full blooded dream awakes. Prying open heart of choking art in shunted cargo and abandoned imagination. They of the typhoon nevertheless unsympathetic, whirl fishnets at virgin dawn to bend the fabric of the whitish and the recurring. Another Sisyphean obligate matter that probably even star fighters have days like sinking feeling and they drew flip doors, focus on lateral views as oblique escape.

108.   9/12

Fearlessly the verbing device liberating from the vice versa mechanism, not a loose opinion, neither of a conscious dithering nor a planned endeavour, nor a fierce battle or mild lashing, not even a desire to be heard, however slight a longing. There arose a tower a hefty emblem of self exile. Nowhere few have expelled dogmatic freedom from hatched life and gagged deeds, looking back at the pile up of sleep deprived flops. Weaponising words, strung out courageously in the heavens a pathway of free expression, rendering the imperfect into colossal elevations of faith, inundated with the worthiness of bewildered sentences, writing their way to flourishing kingdoms and the farthest star.

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